Video Game companies on Twitter

This past summer I made a blog post basically calling out video game companies for not being active in social media , specifically Twitter.  In that blog post you can find some tips/tutorials I gave for how to use social media, how to monitor, etc.   Please check it out if you’re interested in how I use Twitter at gamerDNA and how to use it to monitor your brand/company on Twitter/FriendFeed and blogs.

Luckily, since then a lot of game companies have signed up for twitter and they are using it for various purposes like personal use, advertising stuff they are doing(or worse..just using it as a way to post when they have a blog update via TwitterFeed integration), or even actively using it to interact with their customers/gamers and as a customer service tool.

Since things have changed since that August blog article and I haven’t really seen a list on the web somewhere of all the game companies on Twitter, I’ll try to start a list here.

Notice: Due to the popularity of this list I’ve decided to launch .  If you’re looking for a list of Video Game Companies on Twitter please click here .

Please add me on Twitter to keep in touch and enjoy !

Company I work for:


gamerDNA – Official Twitter account for gamerDNA

JRadoff – Jon Radoff, Founder and CEO of gamerDNA

SamHouston – Sam Houston (Me), Community Manager at gamerDNA

TrapperMarkelz – Trapper Markelz, VP of Product at gamerDNA

Duhame – Sean Duhame, Creative Director at gamerDNA

skio – Antares Meketa,  Social Media Engineer at gamerDNA

Colliny2k – Collin, Engineer at gamerDNA

FattyChubs – Stephen Sopp, Engineer at gamerDNA

Imran_Malek – Imran Malek, Product Specialist at gamerDNA

stealthbaz – Russell Miner, Engineer at gamerDNA

  • bryan elliott

    Well done Sam! Look forward to staying connected.


  • Cuppycake

    There are a couple more of us from Metaplace on Twitter.

    m3mnoch is Christoper Chapman, Director of Web Development.

    fleck99pf is Patrick Ferland, Content Developer (and blogger at WorldIV)

  • QforQ

    Thanks Cuppy! They’ve been added! 🙂

  • Trapper Markelz

    Yay! I made the QforQ who-is-who of gaming on Twitter! 🙂 This could become a real resource.

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    Great list! Thanks for writing it and posting it.

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    Eeek, I’ve been outed! 🙂

    Thanks for the links!

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    Sent a ton of people for you to add to the list, was going to make one myself but you beat me to it. 🙂

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    Great list and thanks for posting it! Keep up the good work.

    – Mark

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    Nice list!
    If anyone is interested in following a one-man indie developer …

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    Very nice Sam. This list is way too pro.

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    Wow, very nice list! I’m impressed.

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    Great list, this is an excellent resource.

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    Thanks for creating this list.

    (The link to the earlier article is broken; the word “blog/” shouldn’t be in there.)

  • Sachin

    Sam, you suck for not putting us on your list. 🙂

    @sachinag – Sachin Agarwal
    @jinton – Juan Inton
    @jcasimiro – John Casimiro
    @seth410 – Seth
    @BukolaE – Bukola and I’m not trying her last name from my iPhone
    @CameronBanga – duh

  • Cuppycake

    Here are a few more:

    missdoomcookie – “Lindsay Morgan Lockhart, game designer at SOE on EQ2”
    feconix – Luke Sigmund, Senior Designer on Free Realms (doesn’t post much)
    Jopreacher – April Burba, formerly of NCSoft, now at an unnamed studio working on an unnamed project.
    jeremypreacher – Jeremy Preacher, former Community Manager for UO, now LFG
    LivingWorlds – Steve Williams, game designer at Cheyenne Mountain
    autenil – Josh Kriegshauser (spelling?) – Tech director on EQ2
    cjunior – Chris Junior, game designer at Ohai

  • Aether

    Well done Sam! This is a brilliant idea.

  • Seg

    Here’s the studio I work for, Telltale Games.

  • Timothy Aste

    Hey Sam! We here at PushButton Labs use twitter a bunch (formerly folks of GarageGames, Dynamix/Sierra:



  • O.G.

    Thanks for this. Will be adding some. Funny how some of those twitters barely talk about games.

    Here’s mine for my gaming site:

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    Great Post.
    Thanks a lot

  • Rob from COIN-OP TV

    thanks for the reference list – if you decide to put together a list of Internet TV show hosts on the video game industry then please consider adding me!

    Rob (host COIN-OP TV)

  • Kilian Valkhof

    Cool list! You shouldn’t forget Ragnar Tornquist though, the maker of The Longest Journey, and Dreamfall.

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    Fantastic list Sam! Thanks for taking time to put this together.

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    Great list! Thank you for posting this. We also posted it on our site to help spread the word!

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    Yep. Great List.
    You could also add Valerie Cope from NinjaBee

  • Thraka

    Kind of related: I follow since they post their video game deal of the day, as well as Wii and Wii Fit sales, plus some other stuff. They only post 1-2 times per day, so it’s not spammy.

  • Jorge

    QA WW Director at EA. Very cool.

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    Excellent list, Sam! Thanks!

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    Oh my, I was wondering why I had so many new followers, and now I see!


  • JForceGames

    Hey could you add ours?

    Thanks. Though we haven’t been very active on it so far, mostly just posting blog updates, but that will change soon…

  • David Wylie

    Very useful; thanks for all your work!

  • Owen Goss

    Great idea! I run a small indie games studio (Streaming Colour Studios) out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My twitter is here, if anyone’s interested:

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    Awesome list Sam! This is a really great idea and resource 🙂

  • Fred Zeleny

    Good idea, Sam! I really appreciate anything that helps people understand that behind every huge, intimidating studio is a horde of real, down-to-earth people.

    And, to support that, here’s my info:
    Fred Zeleny, Designer, Bethesda Softworks

  • Fricka

    FYI, you have a typo in Hartsman’s listing (first word, though the url is still correct).

    Nice list, I see more than a few folks have been “outed” 😉

    I’m if you start listing gaming community website staff

  • Peter

    Our little iPhone game company is on twitter too:


  • Megan

    I’m a game dev with an inoffensive twitter that doesn’t talk about my work ever, but I’d be happy to throw my twitter into the pile. 🙂
    Megan Sawyer, Environment Artist @ Bethesda Softworks.

  • clevercelt

    This is a truly great post Sam, good to see you being the first at something worthwhile.

    Me I’m an oldtimer grumpy game developer / designer / program manager, working for moved from consoles and platform holders to independent research, dev, consulting, writing and generally giving out about stuff, my general twitter for anyone interested is:

  • Bart

    PopCap Online Marketing Director. Feel free to add my information to the list.

  • Ian

    Great idea Sam.
    Lead designer for Madden 2010.

  • Kevling

    Not tweeting much at the moment, but Media Molecule’s Alex Evans is @mmalex

  • Justin Hall

    Great idea! Here’s a few more folks: – Harvey Smith from Ion Storm – Jen Pahlka from the GDC – Alan Yu from ng: moco, EA, the GDC
    ng: moco has an account too: is Austin Grossman from the Looking Glass team

    I’m part of the PMOG game development team; I’m at and PMOG runs a feed from

    I get most of my best links from following folks on Twitter – thanks for giving some more good folks here!

  • Leonardo Falaschini

    Hello World, I’m Lead Artist at Three Melons, and I would be glad to be added to the list. 😀

  • Dan Taylor

    Wow man – excellent work!

    and the company I work with:

    Looking forward to meeting ya’ll! 🙂

  • Stephen

    I just wanted to warn the unsuspecting visitors of this blog: There are things on Shawn Elliott’s Twitter that one cannot unsee. Be careful out there friends.

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    Hi. Fantastic list.

    One more for EA Mobile:

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    Excellent list indeed.

  • Jeremy Nusser

    I’ll continue the congratulation flow – awesome stuff, but you’re missing a few of Vindicia’s customers. We manage the billing and fraud for online games and virtual worlds.

    Cryptic Studios – @CrypticStudios

    Outspark Dev Team
    @Poshy – Front End Designer

    Keep up the good work,

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    Hey Sam, Make sure you check out for a comprehensive list of game companies and bloggers. Tag search for games, gaming, videogames.

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  • GamePro


    Thanks for great thought leadership for gaming in social media.  What do you think of the twitter lists for gaming?  Our video game list at is trying to be a great live news/thought feed on gaming through twitter.

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    Active Gaming Media http://www.activegamingmedia.con (game localization) is also on Twitter

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    Active Gaming Media

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