I can now legally drink AND gamble!

I am now 21, as of about week ago on January 2nd. In the US this means I can now legally drink alcohol and gamble. Yay!

I had a small celebration at work with some coworkers on my birthday..nothing too wild or crazy. I think later this month I’ll go out and visit some of the bars with some friends from work..they’ve promised that I’ll "get smashed"…which I’m not necessarily excited about, but I’m hoping I’ll have some fun along the way 😛

What I’m most excited about is that I’ll now be able to actually do stuff after dark after work, at conventions like PAX, or go to parties at events like GDC/PAX/etc. Working as a "professional" and going to industry events while underage over the past two years has kind of sucked when I couldn’t go to anything or had to sneak in. I *did* learn how much networking/schmoozing/professional events relied on alcohol, though 😛

So anyways, yay I’m 21! Time to have some good times in 2009! 🙂