Late Resolution: I should start blogging again

I should probably use this since I just spent about 100$ for hosting this for another year.  I partly did it so I can have my own personal email address that isnt tied to anything work and I own completely….and if I ever need a file server I can host stuff on here and not worry about bandwidth or disk space.

Lots of stuff is happening these days,  I might start updating this this week to track my progress in school, track how things are going with GuildCafe and what has happened with that…and just life.  Sounds like a plan!  Tons of stuff has happened since I last updated and I should get back into this!  I’ve become an uncle, GuildCafe acquired The Uberguilds Network, I went to Las Vegas for the first time and covered SOE Fan Faire, I took a semester off from college and switched schools….tons of shit happened!  I’ll try to catch you up today!