I’ve been hired!

On Tuesday February 12th I was offered a full time job at GuildCafe and I was asked to move out to Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I’ve signed the papers and accepted the offer and I’ll be starting on March 1st, moving out there about a week later 🙂

My job title will be “Game Talent Lead”, which means I’ll be in charge of identifying community influencers in the online video game space, working with them on projects or pointing out new features, then working with them to promote GuildCafe to their sphere of influence.  I’ll also be running our radio station along with some other various things for the company.

Right now I’m looking at apartments in the Cambridge area on Craigslist and trying to line up some places I can visit while I go out to Boston next weekend to try to find a place.  It’s pretty crazy because I’ve never ever lived in a huge city.  I’ve lived in Delaware, Ohio my entire life pretty much.  This is going to be a wild adventure but I’m so freaking excited!

I’ll try to update with my progress as things pick up over the next month and beyond.  Right now I’m studying for a mid term exam I’ve got this coming week, then focusing on going out to Boston to find an apartment.  Just a week after that I start at GuildCafe!