How to Engage your Audience on Twitter

Great, your company is now on Twitter, you’ve convinced the boss or PR/Marketing that you should be there and now you have tons of followers.  What do you do next?

Engage your Audience

While this mainly pertains to "official" twitter accounts for companies that represent the company in its entirety (For example: Valve Software , CCP Games , EA , or Battlefield Heroes ), I encourage all Twitter users (especially those that are representing their company on Twitter) to use some of these techniques.

-Ask Questions/Invite Discussion

On our twitter account at gamerDNA I try to not only use it for information on our new blog posts, any downtime we may have, or news that we have to share…I also try to use it to engage and entertain our audience.  This can easily be accomplished by posing a question to your followers.  For example what Valve could ask,  "What is your favorite class in Team Fortress 2?".  You could ask for feedback on new trailers, announcements, additions to the game, or on the latest news from the game.  If someone gives a good answer you can then praise them and highlight them publicly through a new tweet that contains their @Name.

-Be transparent and show gamers who you are

What I also like to do on our official Twitter account is give our audience insight to who we are as a company.  In this new age of everyone being on the internet and on social media transparency is key.  Try tweeting about what the team is up to(IF it’s interesting and not secret) or share funny pictures on Twitter(Through TwitPic ) of your development team.

Keep in touch with your community

Are you guys at a trade show or event that week?  Hold an impromptu "Tweetup" (a meetup of Twitter users coordinated through Twitter) where gamers can meet you guys at a local bar or restaurant.  Let people know where on the show floor to find you guys, when to stop by for contests and autograph signings, etc.  Twitter is awesome at events for keeping in touch with people and it’s a lot of fun,use it!

Random Tip/Note – Whenever you’re at an event tag your Tweets with a hash tag and an abbreviation for the event.  For example the 2008 PAX was #PAX08.  The reason why twitter users do this is that everyone both at the event or watching the event can keep up with what is going on by searching PAX08 on Twitter Search .  Using hashtags at events can be a great way to meet new people, get new followers who want to know what is going on, and find cool and interesting things happening.

-Highlight cool or interesting community generated content

Did someone make a really good forum post/thread on your official forums?  Did a fansite/podcast/blog launch for your game that blew you away?  Did someone just make some awesome fanart for your game that others should know about?  Share it on Twitter!

Hopefully some of these ideas help get the gears in your head going and you can go from here.  Do you have any additional ideas or thoughts on how companies can better engage their audience on Twitter?  Please share them in the comments section!

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  • Jon

    Great post. Lot of good thoughts/ideas here.