Community Manager looking for job

As of this past week, I am no longer employed at gamerDNA and I’m now looking for a new job.  Myself and five others were laid off last week, freeing up the company a bit so that it can operate at break even and continue to do awesome things.  A news article about the situation came out earlier this week with some quotes from our CEO Jon Radoff, if you’re interested.

Working at gamerDNA was an amazing experience and has helped my career in huge ways.  I’m very thankful to Jon and the rest of the staff for giving a (at the time) 20 year old from Ohio the opportunity to work at a video game internet startup.  I came on board in March of 2008 as the eighth employee, when the company was still meeting at Jon Radoff’s house and our desks were his dining room table.  I saw the company grow quite rapidly, move into its first office, change our name and rebrand itself, and launch in early June of 08′.  I remember the meeting that we had where we decided on the new logo, the awesome work of art from the super talented Sean Duhame.  Everyone was always involved and kept up to date on what was going on in the company, and I came to love our Wednesday “Lunch and Learns”, where the company would have lunch together and update everyone on the progress that we were making and any big news or exciting projects.

I’ve been to PAX twice now, I’ve been to BlizzCon, GDC and E3…all because of GamerDNA.  Two years ago it was just a dream to be able to go to those events (especially E3..such a video game nerd’s dream!).  I even had the pleasure of launching a website at E3 and representing the company in interviews for and Current.TV.  Most recently I put together all the PR for our relaunch on Sept 2nd, which resulted in the most coverage had ever received for one launch.

GamerDNA gave me a huge amount of opportunities and responsibilities, and for that I am very grateful to Jon Radoff and the rest of the team.  What started out as an entry level marketing position (“Game Talent Lead”), later turned into a Community Management role and then ultimately my role as Online Marketing Manager.  It was a great ride.

If you haven’t yet, please check out yesterday’s blog post which included a picture of the product team at gamerDNA.  It was taken last week at our company party at Trapper Markelz’s house, and it shows a great group of guys that have become my surrogate Boston family.

So what’s next?

Now I’m interested in going to my next dream job, a Community Management job at a video game developer or publisher.  I don’t have anything lined up just yet, so I’m still looking and applying to various job opportunities out there.  I’m looking to take what I’ve done at gamerDNA, take all my passion for Social Media and Community Management, and turn that into a career at a game company.  That’s my hope, at least 🙂

If you’re interested in finding out more about all the cool stuff I’ve done in my time at gamerDNA and more details on my experience, please check out my LinkedIn Page: .  I’ve updated it quite a bit and it’s basically a web version of my resume.  If you’d like to get in touch with me directly, please shoot me an email at Sam AT QforQ dotcom.  I’m willing to relocate for a new job, and I’m especially excited about CM roles that will give me the opportunity to interact directly with gamers, as well as work with press and represent the company at events like PAX.

Other things on the horizon are a relaunch of with updated pages and a new look….and some time relaxing and catching up on all these video games I need to finish :).

Thanks for reading this far, if you know of any exciting Community Management gigs in the game industry – Please give me a shout!

-Sam Houston

  • JP Sherman

    Hey Sam, it was a pleasure to meet you at E3, you represented GamerDNA well and your enthusiasm was pretty infectious.

    I had a pretty similar situation with the gaming startup that I was at… rapid growth, good buzz, monetization problems and then a layoff.

    Best of luck to you, I really enjoyed reading your perspectives on gaming and social media.


  • David “Historian” DeWald

    Was cool to connect with you at E3 and look forward to seeing you again, wherever you land.

  • cyanbane

    You have always been a classy guy, I have a feeling you will pick up something quick. All the best luck man.

  • Mike Crassweller


    It was great to meet you at GDC this year then reconnect at PAX about 2 months back.

    Best of luck in the job hunt. Someone with your talents won’t be out of work for too long, I’m sure.

    If I hear of anything promising, I’ll drop you a line.


  • Darren Torpey

    Great post, Sam.

    It’s wonderful to see you take such a positive look on your time at gamerDNA. It was always a real pleasure to work with you.

    You’ve always been very grateful for the opportunities that you’ve come across, and you certainly don’t waste them!

    With that attitude, and now with all this great experience under your belt, I know you’ll find great new work.

    And when you do land your next job, believe me: *they’re* the lucky ones to have you on their team.

  • Sam Houston

    Thanks for the support everyone 🙂 I really appreciate it!

  • Jon Radoff

    Sam is awesome and never let us down. I have high expectations of where Sam will end up in the game industry.

  • adrian

    hey there , sounds like you would be the perfect replacement for josh olin, treyarchs worst cm. you should really consider taking it away from him, he fails to respond to questions allllllll the time, but when a girl asks a question, hes quick to answer. need proof? #codwaw scroll down, theres proof, over 200 unanswered questions