All moved in and rockin’ a new TV

Well I’m all moved in, I’ve got my own internet and cable setup from RCN and I’ve been enjoying my new TV.  The move itself went fine and only took a couple hours and about 3 car trips – so not bad at all.

I got pretty bored Sunday and Monday because I had no cable or internet connection but the cable installer guy finally came in the afternoon on Monday to setup my internet and cable.  This guy was a nice Boston normal guy…but obviously was just trained to do that trade and wasn’t super in to the internets or how things worked.  I was amazed when I used the acronym "ISP" and my internet service provider installer asked me "What does ‘ISP’ mean?".  He also had no idea that Comcast screws with your internet connection and blocks certain ports (ports for torrents for example).  I don’t think he even knew what a port was.  Oh well, he was cool and hooked up my stuff and it works.  Thank you, Mr. RCN dude.

For my gaming update, I’m currently heavily addicted to my Xbox 360(especially now since I have a big HD plasma screen to enjoy it on) and playing Grand Theft Auto IV quite a bit.  I think I’m about 70% done with the storyline in the game.  I’ve also been playing a lot more Rock Band lately, mostly because we bought Rock Band for the office and the developers of the game are right across the street from us.  I went from being okay at playing songs on medium on guitar to now being able to play pretty much every song on hard.  I’ve also noticed a decent improvement in my drum skills in the game, which I’m happy about since I’ve always loved drums and used to play drums when I was a kid.  The downloadable content for Rock Band continues to be awesome and I’m currently addicted to songs from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Muse and the one Angels and Airwaves song in the game.   All the Small Things by Blink-182 is also in the game, which I bought and it’s fun to play, but the song is so overplayed to me I’d have a lot more fun if it was a song like "Always", "Josie",  "Dammit" or maybe "Rock Show".  Whats my Age Again would probably be more fun that All the Small Things.

Oh well, it’s Blink and they’re my favorite band so I can’t complain too much 😛

Current Music Addictions:  Muse, Tegan and Sara, and Spoon.

That’s about it!  Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the fast approaching weekend(already!).