Hi! My name is Sam Houston. I live in San Francisco and work at Bugcrowd as a Community Manager, where I’m with hackers to make the internet a safer place (and the world, too!). This is my blog where I document my life journey, discuss some things occasionally, and put virtual pen to paper.

About me: Prior to Bugcrowd, I was Community Manager at several different technology companies. I was the Community Manager at Synack, TransitHero, Couchsurfing, BandPage, Electronic Arts (Origin, Playfish), and gamerDNA. I also had a short stint at the startup “Secret”.

Here’s my Linkedin:

Some more about me: Community Manager. Music Lover, Gamer, Socializer. Passionate about online communities, social media, music, and having a good time. This blog is more of a personal project more than anything, since it helps me collect my thoughts and document them for the future, but I hope you get something from this as well. Thanks for visiting!